French comedian Dieudonné seeks asylum in Turkey after hate speech ban

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala
French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, notorious for developing the quasi-Nazi “quenelle” salute, has said he will seek political asylum in Turkey because of the racism he experiences in his home country.

The activist and performer says he wants to leave France permanently because his opportunities to work are being obstructed.

“Freedom of expression no longer exists for people like me here [in France],” he told Turkey’s official news agency Anadolu.

“The Prime Minister of France has done everything so that I cannot organise shows in this country.”

The 55-year-old’s performances were banned in France following at least seven convictions for inciting racial hatred against Jews.

The quenelle salute he has helped promoted was interpreted by authorities nearly a decade ago as an inverted Nazi salute.

The gesture became more widely recognised after it was used by the footballer Nicolas Anelka, a friend of the comedian, during a goal celebration for West Bromwich Albion in 2013.

Anelka received a five-match ban and was sacked by the club, ending his career in top-level football.

Dieudonné told Anadolu this week that he will make a political asylum request to Turkey as soon as he completes legal formalities and that he will also write an open letter to the country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

“I think I will be feeling better and more comfortable in Turkey than in France.”

The French comedian’s YouTube account was one of 25,000 removed by the video-sharing website last year for violating its hate speech rules.

He was subsequently banned from Facebook and Instagram.

Dieudonné, who denies being antisemitic, blamed “Israeli pressures” for the removal.

Source: Jewish news
Photo: Dieudonné M’bala M’bala / Photograph: Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images

Graffiti in Toronto: “Boycott Israel’s zionazi apartheid”

Toronto, ON
- This graffiti was found in Toronto’s Kensington Market. 238 Augusta Ave Big Fat Burrito.

Antisemitic flyers found in Clackamas County

Rachel Prusak
Clackamas County, OR
- Antisemitic fliers depicting Holocaust imagery targeted at West Linn and Tualatin House Rep. Rachel Prusak were discovered in Clackamas County yesterday, April 20.

Prusak announced in a press release that the fliers targeted her identity as well as her commitment to gun safety legislation. The fliers depicted Prusak with the Star of David and the word "Jude" on her chest next to the words "Rachel Prusak: Another gun-grabbing Jew." Below that was the URL

"We know Oregon's history is steeped in white supremacy and other forms of bigotry and these acts show this history is still relevant and alive in the present," Prusak stated in the press release. "While I was the specific target of these antisemitic attacks, these types of acts affect not just me, but the entire Jewish community in our state."

Prusak also stated that she was working with law enforcement to hold accountable anyone involved.

An Oregon State Police public information officer confirmed a trooper was looking into the incident, but had no other information to provide when reached by Pamplin Media Group Wednesday.
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Feds say Burke made a ‘distasteful’ comment about Jewish people as authorities investigated him

Ald. Edward M. Burke | Sun-Times file photo
Chicago, IL 
- The feds are revealing new details in their investigation of 14th Ward Alderman Ed Burke, including transcripts of what Burke was allegedly heard saying on wiretapped phone calls.

The embattled alderman refused the chance to respond to a new, 220-page federal filing in the corruption case against him as he walked out of Chicago City Council's first in-person meeting in more than a year.

Federal prosecutors accuse the former chair of the city's Finance Committee of being "thoroughly corrupt and worthy of prosecution." They say Burke abused his office for personal gain, and time and time again, they wrote, Burke "shamelessly tied official action to his law firm's receipt of business."

"Really, there's some damning words in this, specifically, you know, the bell hasn't been rung yet as to why certain acts weren't been taken. I mean, that's a billboard for public corruption you could put on any street going into Chicago," former federal prosecutor Jeff Cramer said.

The longtime 14th Ward alderman was indicted in 2019 on more than a dozen counts of financial crimes including racketeering and attempted extortion. The feds accuse Burke of trying to monopolize an $800 million renovation of the Old Chicago Post Office. Even under federal indictment, the city's longest-serving alderman refuses to resign.

"I just think there's no place in public life for somebody like him, who has used his office in a corrupt fashion, who has cost the taxpayers of this city untold tens of millions, if not more, dollars," Mayor Lori Lightfoot said.

Former Ald. Daniel Solis resigned just before prosecutors charged Burke in 2019. It was then revealed Solis had worn a wire to help the feds make their corruption case.

Wednesday's filing detailed a recorded conversation in which prosecutors said Burke used a racist trope describing his belief on the business practices of Jewish people.

"But for the cooperator, the argument goes, Ald. Burke would not have done anything wrong," Cramer said. "The cooperator needed to make a deal, he needed to bring in someone bigger than he was, and that's Ald. Burke."

Ald. Burke said he and his attorneys will respond to the allegations in court. They have to do so by mid-June.

Source: abc7chicago

Brooklyn minivan hit-and-run driver injures five, nabbed a day later by community patrol group

Shokhobiddin Bakhritdinov
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
- A minivan driver was caught on camera backing up into five pedestrians in Brooklyn and then speeding off, only to be nabbed a day later when a neighborhood watch group spotted his vehicle, cops said Monday.

Surveillance video shows the minivan, parked at Wythe and Rutledge Aves. in Williamsburg, backing up, even though there are no cars parked in front of it, and striking the victims, who topple like dominoes, about 10:15 p.m. Saturday.

The driver initially remained at the scene, with at least one witness motioning to him, but then drove off, police said.

On Sunday, members of Shomrim, a volunteer neighborhood patrol, saw the minivan parked on Franklin Ave. near Park Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Police were notified and Shokhobiddin Bakhritdinov, 26, was arrested a short time later.

Bakhritdinov was arraigned Monday on charges of misdemeanor assault and leaving the scene of an accident and released on his own recognizance.

Assistant District Attorney Wilfredo Cotto said seven people in total were injured by his car, though it’s not clear from the video how the other two people were hurt.

Judge Maria Aragona decided not to suspend Bakhritdinov’s driver’s license, after his lawyer, Jack Brewer, described his actions as a “mistake in driving.”

“There’s no reason besides this one incident to believe that he poses a risk the way he drives,” Brewer said. “The allegations are that he backed up at a stop light. The allegations aren’t that he was driving 100 mph, the allegations aren’t that he was going through a red light.... He also is not charged with reckless driving.”

Cotto countered that Bakhritdinov fled the scene.

“The fact as they’re laid out, has the defendant backing into a sidewalk and striking seven people, and he’s being charged with reckless assault,” he said. “And then the defendant speeds off. The defendant is arrested only after surveillance video is recovered.”

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Clubhouse shuts down chatrooms after antisemitism complaints

Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket
 via Getty Images

Clubhouse, the new audio-based social network, announced that it “shut down a number of rooms” in the wake of complaints about antisemitism.

On Sunday, a Twitter user with the handle @EliKohn3 wrote about a chat on Clubhouse that discussed “Jewish Privilege,” where they said users were repeating and promoting antisemitic stereotypes.

“Nearly 200 people talking about how Jews control the federal reserve, Jews were behind the trans Atlantic slave trade, minorities are pawns for the Jews to destroy whites,” @EliKohn3 wrote. “I can’t believe the amount of antisemitism omg.”

Later that day, Clubhouse announced that it had shut down groups that violated its anti-discrimination policies.
“We shut down a number of rooms found to be in violation and, where appropriate, issued suspensions and removed users indefinitely,” it said, responding to @EliKohn3’s tweet but not referring specifically to any accounts or groups. “All forms of racism, antisemitism, hate speech and abuse are prohibited on Clubhouse and are a direct violation of the Community Guidelines.”

The app, which was launched about a year ago and already boasts over 8 million downloads, connects users by allowing them to join together in “rooms” to talk with each other. It has faced accusations of allowing antisemitism in the past, and in September the Verge, a tech publication, reported that it “is still struggling with moderation.”

“The antisemitism that we have seen spread on Clubhouse in recent weeks, particularly the ugly surge this weekend, is a painful reminder of the persistence of anti-Jewish hate and how it infects so much of social media,” Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt told Jewish Insider. “This weekend we know that there was a torrent of ugly, indisputable hatred, from raw Holocaust denialism to disgusting lies about the Jewish people and slanderous claims against the Jewish state.”

Source: JTA

Prominent Argentine businessman calls Jewish pharmaceutical CEO a ‘Moishe’ in antisemitic post

Alberto Samid
Buenos Aires
- The businessman known as Buenos Aires’ “King of Meat” singled out three Argentine Jewish businessmen in social media posts, including one with an antisemitic epithet.

Alberto Samid, who founded a butcher company and fast food chain and in the late 1980s was an adviser to Argentine President Carlos Menem, published photos of Marcos Galperín, founder of the e-commerce giant Mercado Libre; Gustavo Grobocopatel, CEO of the Los Grobo agricultural company; and Hugo Sigman, CEO of the Insud pharmaceutical conglomerate.

“These PAISANOS are all the same. The first two made their money here and went to live to Uruguay. The other rat gives our vaccines to the gringos,” Samid wrote on Twitter, the last description applying to Sigman. Insud has been involved in the production of Astra-Zeneca COVID-19 vaccines. 
“Paisano,” meaning peasant in Spanish and Italian, can be an affectionate term and can also mean “Jew” in some Latin American contexts. But Samid, who was convicted of tax evasion in 2019, went further in another tweet about Sigman.

“This MOISHE has no limits. He never gets tired of stealing from us!!!! When are we going to go to Garin to block his laboratory?” Samid wrote.

Garin is a town in Buenos Aires Province where one of Insud’s laboratories is located. “Moishe” can be used as an antisemitic slur.

Source: JTA

Antisemitic graffiti on Ezio Crespi primary school wall

Busto Arsizio
- On the wall of the Ezio Crespi primary school in via Maino someone draw a swastika and the phrase “Jews burned” (ebrei bruciate) and was posted on one of the most popular social bulletin boards in the city, the Facebook group “Busto Arsizio 360”.

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Antisemitic attack at Rego Park

The suspect running away from the synagogue

Rego Park, Flushing, NY
- Just days after a Forest Hills man was arrested for allegedly scrawling antisemitic graffiti on the Rego Park Jewish Center, another man was assaulted in the area.

A 56-year-old Rego Park resident was on his way to a local synagogue for evening prayer services just before 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 17, when he was confronted by a 35-year-old man in front of the Neighborhood Chemists Pharmacy at 66-02 99th St.

The assailant launched into an antisemitic tirade before allegedly kicking the victim, according to authorities. A formal report was filed at the 112th Precinct and the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force opened an investigation into the attack.
Source: qns

Research finds antisemitism far more prevalent in MAGA world

Tufts professor Eitan Hersh ran a survey through YouGov to try to find where antisemitic attitudes are most prevalent with political identity. Here’s the abstract:

“Concern about antisemitism in the U.S. has grown following recent rises in deadly assaults, vandalism, and harassment. Public accounts of antisemitism have focused on both the ideological right and left. 

However, there is little quantitative research evaluating left-wing versus right-wing antisemitism. Building on theories of social identity, racial competition, and affective partisanship, we examine antisemitic attitudes across the ideological spectrum and across demographic cohorts. We conduct several experiments on an original survey of 3,500 U.S. adults, including a large oversample of adults ages 18-30. We find evidence of prejudice on the ideological left and among racial minority groups, but the data clearly show the epicenter of antisemitic attitudes is young adults on the far right. Unlike social identities that are closely aligned with ideology and partisanship, Jewish identity remains an outgroup to Americans across typical political divides, resulting in diverse forms of prejudice.”

“Research on right-wing antisemitism focuses on beliefs that Jews are disloyal – both to America and to the white race – and that they are too powerful. American Jews are distinctive in that they are high in socio-economic status and mostly identify as white, but unlike others with those attributes, they are liberal in their social views and supportive of racial equality and immigration (Smith and Schapiro 2019; Smith 2013). In the far-right mentality, Jews are viewed as people pretending to be white – ‘a faux-white race that has tainted America’ – or disloyal white people – ‘the ultimate betrayers of the white race.'”

Source: nationalzero

Volkskrant newspaper apologizes for antisemitic cartoon of pollster Maurice de Hond

Amsterdam - The Volkskrant newspaper has apologised for publishing a cartoon featuring opinion pollster Maurice de Hond with antisemitic overtones.

The full-page cartoon depicted a grinning De Hond, who is of Jewish heritage, holding two sets of puppet strings in his oversized hands, echoing the ‘puppet master’ trope used in Nazi propaganda of the 1930s and 1940s.

Volkskrant editor Pieter Klok issued an apology in which he said the image was ‘too reminiscent’ of antisemitic cartoons of the past.

Former Labour leader Lodewijk Asscher, who is also Jewish, was among several politicians and media commentators to denounce the cartoon on Twitter.
Klok said: ‘It started with a picture editor with not enough historical awareness. He proposed it and approved it. After that too many people did not look at it closely enough.

At the weekends we have fewer staff and fewer chances to review an image like this, so you run the risk of this kind of dreadful incident.’
The cartoon illustrated a feature on De Deventer Mediazaak, a six-part podcast about a high-profile murder case in 1999. The murder became a cause célèbre when dozens of celebrities backed a media campaign led by De Hond to recognise the killer’s conviction as a miscarriage of justice.

Maurice de Hond
De Hond told the podcast presenter Annegriet Wietsma that the experiences of his Jewish parents during the war – both were widows of other Dutch Jews who were killed in the Holocaust – had shaped that sense of injustice that drove his campaign to free Ernest Louwes.

De Hond said police and prosecutors had overlooked evidence that pointed to local handyman Michael de Jong, known in the case as ‘de klusjesman’, and said De Jong was the real killer of Deventer widow Jaqueline Wittenberg.

Later evidence, including DNA analysis of blood found on the victim’s clothes, indicated that Louwes was indeed guilty, while the targeting of De Jong and his partner prompted celebrities to increasingly distance themselves from De Hond’s campaign.

Source: Dutch news

Antisemitic graffiti at Parliament House in Hobart

Hobart, Tasmania -
Tasmania Police are continuing to investigate an incident in which the words “Heil Hitler” and “Kristalnact” (sic) were spray painted on Parliament House in Hobart last Friday.

Antisemitic graffiti found in Tottenham, London

Tottenham, Londo
n - Atrocious antisemitic, COVID conspiracy theory graffiti were found in Tottenham, London over the weekend (Anthology Hale Works residential building billboard).

Among them were a swastika and 'FUCK THE JEWS HILTER WAS RIGHT'

Antisemitic incidents in Berlin 2020

The Research and Information Center Antisemitism Berlin (RIAS Berlin) documented a total of 1,004 antisemitic incidents in 2020.

RIAS Berlin recorded 17 attacks, 43 targeted damage to property, 51 threats, 770 cases of harmful behavior and 123 Antisemitic mail.

Despite the profound restrictions on public life caused by the pandemic and the reduction in interpersonal contacts, the number of known antisemitic incidents increased by 118 in 2020 (an increase of 13.3%).

Every day, on average, there were almost three antisemitic incidents in the federal capital.

Source: RIAS

The delivery man who refused to "deliver Jews" expelled from France

Dhia Eddine
Dhia Eddine, the 19-year-old Algerian was
sentenced to prison after refusing to serve two restaurant owners from Strasbourg on the grounds "that he does not deliver the Jews", was expelled from France after having served his sentence.

Source: Sputnik news

Vitesse Arnhem fans chanted antisemitic chants on the John Frost Bridge in Arnhem

- A group of Vitesse supporters chanted 'Hamas, hamas, Jews on the gas' on Wednesday evening during an atmospheric campaign in the run-up to the Ajax-Vitesse cup final.

The police in Arnhem has started an investigation into the matter. On video of the action, the slogan, directed against the Jewish background of the Amsterdam football club, can be clearly heard.

Jewish organizations, Vitesse and the supporter groups that organized the hanging of the banner and the fireworks, condemed the chorus.


Source: gelderlander

Anti-religious inscriptions on a basilica and antisemitic inscriptions in Toulouse city center

- “The return of Satan” and “Traitors” were tagged in red paint on columns in front of the the Basilica of Saint-Sernin in Toulouse.

Further on, on the walls of a shops at rue Mirepoix in the city center, antisemitic inscriptions made with the same red paint were found.

The inscriptions in question were quickly erased by municipal officials after their discovery.

Source: 20minutes
Photo: Twitter capture / Jean-Luc Moudenc @jlmoudenc

NYC mayoral candidate Dianne Morales calls Israel ‘apartheid state’

Dianne Morales, Twitter
New York City
- Dianne Morales, one of the leading candidates for mayor of New York City, called Israel an apartheid state in a private event last December, according to an audio obtained by the Forward.

Morales, a former non-profit executive who is polling at around three percent in the most recent poll, described Israel as an “apartheid state” because of its occupation of land in the West Bank, in a conversation with Jewish high school students. “I cannot advocate for equity and justice in New York City and turn a blind eye to the challenges around those issues in Israel and with the folks living in Gaza and in Palestine,” Morales said when asked about her stance on Israel, according to the audio. “I think everybody has a right to live in dignity, everybody has a right to a home, everybody has a right to their land. No one has the right to do that at the expense of someone else, someone else’s freedom in particular. And that’s problematic to me.”

Morales also said that she would not rule out traveling to Israel if elected, but she agreed in principle with a recent questionnaire by the Democratic Socialists of America that asked New York City Council candidates to agree “not to travel to Israel if elected… in solidarity with Palestinians living under occupation.” The Jewish Community Relations Council of New York sponsors annual trips for elected officials and business leaders. “I think that question on the questionnaire was terribly worded,” Morales said. “Had they asked about participating in these propaganda trips, I think that would have been different.”

Morales visited Israel for a weeklong trip sponsored by the JCRC in 2015. Morales, who was executive director of Phipps Neighborhoods at the time, was part of a community leaders mission to Israel headed by Letitia James, the city’s public advocate and current attorney general of New York. At the December virtual event Morales described the mission “a propaganda trip.”

“I was not happy with my experience on that trip, to be frank, because I don’t think that we were given sort of honest and straightforward information,” she said.

Rabbi Michael Miller, JCRC’s longtime executive director, told the Forward on Friday that he was “shocked that Morales would refer to that trip as being propaganda.” Miller, who is retiring later this year, said that was not his impression of her experience at all while talking with her after the trip. “Why would she entertain continuing that conversation with me if we were not honest with her?” he asked.

Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Morales remarked, “The country is beautiful, so I understand why everybody wants a piece of it.” But she accused Israel of “actively participating in the infringement and the violation of other people’s human rights.”

The Morales campaign did not clarify her remarks by press time.

Morales recently received the endorsement of the Working Families Party as their second choice in the new ranked-choice voting system.

Source: Forward

A man has been arrested for vandalized the Jewish cemetery in Aalborg

Aalborg Police arrested a 28-year-old man who is linked to the vandalism at the Jewish cemetery in Aalborg.

The vandalism took place on Sunday 4 April 2021 by smearing red paint on the wall by the cemetery, and putting up posters and laying puppets in red.

The man will be facing the constitutional interrogation in the court in Aalborg later today, 15, April 2021, at 15.00, charged with vandalism, section 291 of the Penal Code and sections 266 and 266b of the Penal Code.

The police will, for the sake of the further investigation of the case, request a door closure.

The Police have, for investigative reasons, no further information on the case.

Source: migogaalborg

Jewish gravestones damaged in Belfast cemetery

- About 10 graves in the cemetery on the Falls Road in west Belfast were damaged on Thursday evening.

Police said the incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

PSNI Insp Róisín Brown said she was "appalled" at the incident, which happened "where members of the community come to pay their respects".

"The damage to these graves shows a total lack of respect for others and will have a significant impact on individuals and families within the Jewish community," she said.

Insp Brown encouraged the local community in west Belfast to hold those responsible to account for their actions and contact police with information.

Some of the graves date back to the 1870s and are in a walled-off section of the cemetery, which is often locked.

The cemetery is maintained by Belfast City Council.

Image: Steven Corr Facebook

Source: BBC

Nazi recruitment stickers found at Temple Israel

Omaha, NE
- Omaha police are investigating as a hate crime the posting of neo-Nazi recruitment stickers on two poles outside Temple Israel in west Omaha.

Nate Shapiro, executive director of Temple Israel, said surveillance video from Friday shows a man walking a dog around the Tri-Faith Initiative campus just south of 132nd and Pacific Streets about 3 p.m. The man can be seen placing the approximately 4-by-6-inch stickers on two poles outside the synagogue.

“He took about a 10-minute walk around the building, but there’s no real property damage,” Shapiro said Wednesday. “What is sad is that one person can cause that kind of anxiety. We don’t think that this incident is reflective of the city we live in.”

Shapiro said the surveillance video and photos of the perpetrator are not being released yet because police are still investigating. Temple Israel is a Reform Jewish congregation of 642 families. 

Source: ketv

Yemen's Houthis 'indoctrinating children with violence and antisemitism'

Yemeni children are being indoctrinated with violent and antisemitic propaganda in areas controlled by the Iran-backed Houthis, a teachers' union said.

Yahya Al-Yinai, a spokesman for the Yemeni Teachers Syndicate, told the Daily Telegraph that the rebel group had overhauled the teaching curriculum and installed its supporters as principals in nearly 90 per cent of the schools it controls.

He accused Iran of orchestrating the changes in a policy of “cultural colonialism” to spread its revolutionary ideology into Yemen.

The Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (Impact-se) recently produced a report which said the Houthis’ textbooks sought to indoctrinate children to sacrifice their lives.

Marcus Sheff, the chief executive of Impact-se, told the Telegraph that the Houthis appeared to have "no red lines" in their education drive.

“The closest we have seen to being this extreme is ISIS materials,” he said.

Houthi textbooks included graphic images of dead children and glorified violence as “the only solution for resolving conflicts”, the Impact-se report said.

The United States was described as the “Greater Satan” and as the enemy of all Arabs and Muslims, it said.

The American flag was used in images as a symbol of “oppression, colonialism or simply the enemy”, researchers found.

Children were taught a Houthi slogan including the words “Death to America, Death to Israel” as part of an exercise on learning Arabic, the report said.

Meanwhile, the 1979 Iranian revolution was “awarded much praise”.

A UN expert group in Yemen previously raised concern about the “military use of schools” depriving children of their right to education.

The experts warned of the “manipulation of education, and targeting of educators”, while there were also reports of the Houthis using schools for weapons storage.

The UN's Yemen envoy Martin Griffiths is calling for a nationwide ceasefire and urged warring parties to commit to talks aimed at ending the six-year conflict.

A meeting of Yemen envoys in Berlin this week heard of the devastating effects of a recent Houthi offensive around the city of Marib.

The offensive is set to heighten the “disastrous humanitarian situation” in the country, Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said.

Mr Maas said that “fighting on the ground continues in all intensity and brutality”, despite political efforts to bring peace.

Source: The national news
Photo:  Yemeni children sit outside a school used by Houthi rebels. AFP 

Long Island man arrested in shootings, hate crimes targeting gay, Jewish victims

Manorville, Long Island, NY
- Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini announced an indictment Friday in connection with several reported shootings and hate crimes on Long Island.

Sini said 36-year-old Christopher Keller, of Manorville, harassed people based upon their religion and sexual orientation.

He is now facing various charges, including felony aggravated harassment as a hate crime, as part of a 36-count indictment.

"When you're targeted based on your religion, that is an extremely isolating and scary feeling to have," Sini said. "This defendant is an absolute menace."

Officials say Keller was involved in a number of incidents, including shooting a firearm into three establishments in Holtsville, Medford and Nesconset, as well as into a residence in Kings Park where he also is accused of vandalizing cars outside the home.

He allegedly chose his victims because he believed them to be Jewish or gay, and authorities say he posted extremely disturbing statements on Instagram towards his victims with threats and hatred.

Police were investigating the shootings, and a worker at one of establishments told detectives they had been receiving harassing messages on social media.
There were no injuries in any of incidents.

Source: abc7ny

Police arrest Forest Hills man who allegedly scrawled swastika on Rego Park synagogue

A Forest Hills man was charged with first-degree aggravated harassment for allegedly drawing a swastika on the Rego Park Jewish Center in February.

Ramtin Rabenou, 41, was charged Thursday, police said.

On Feb. 17, he allegedly approached the center at 97-30 Queens Blvd., vandalized a sign with a marker and fled the location. Volunteers with Queens Borough Safety Patrol Shmira helped clean the graffiti.

Elected officials said there was “no room for this kind of hatred.”

Source: qchron

Antisemitic, racist graffiti in Alaskan town

Ketchikan, Revillagigedo Island, Alaska
-A green and white 11 ft. swastika drawn across the southbound lane of South Tongass Highway appeared Wednesday morning. The spray-painted antisemitic and white supremacist symbol drew widespread condemnation from community members.

Hannah Bayles was sitting on Rotary Beach with a friend, just up the road. She said it’s distressing. “It feels like a space has been created where people feel comfortable doing that without fully understanding the impact that it has on our community members,” Bayles said.

One passerby who said she’s of Jewish descent called the graffiti disgusting and hurtful. She didn’t want to be identified out of fear of being targeted by white supremacists.

The first vandalism appeared over the weekend on a trail and skatepark near Schoenbar Middle School, but the latest outbreak was south of city limits. Ketchikan police say they’re still investigating the first incident, but the latest graffiti is out of their jurisdiction.

An Anchorage-based Alaska State Troopers spokesperson confirmed that they’re investigating.

“At this time troopers have no suspects or leads,” spokesperson Austin McDaniel said in an email Wednesday. “We have informed Ketchikan Police Department and are investigating any ties between the recent two instances of graffiti. If anyone has any information they are asked to contact Alaska State Troopers in Ketchikan at (907) 225-5118.”

Ketchikan police have also yet to publicly identify any suspects. Lt. Andy Berntson said the graffiti near the middle school included a social media handle that was misspelled.

Source: krbd