CFCA – 2015 Antisemitism report – Present situation and tendencies

- Although full data for 2015 have not yet been published, it is possible to see that in 2015 the trend of escalation of violent antisemitism activity has continued, with Muslim antisemitism leading the trend.

- The year of 2015 was characterized by escalation in the number of attacks against Jewish targets by Islamic sources, most notably the attacks of Hyper Cacher in Paris
(January 2015) and the synagogue in Copenhagen (February 2015).

- The social networks continue to be the central medium of arousal of hatred against Jews, and content of incitement and antisemitic hate speech are found in it, almost without any

- The delegitimization and demonization campaign of Israel carries clear antisemitic expressions and represents the trend of blurring the lines between criticism of Israel and antisemitism. This campaign is one of the central incitement factors against Jews in general, and therefor constitute a significant threat to the Jewish community in the Diaspora.

- The phenomenon of refugees flooding Europe is not an antisemitic threat by itself. However, this phenomenon contributes indirectly to the increase of the activity of far-right groups, contaminated with xenophobia and antisemitism. Extreme right wing parties are expected to increase their power in the election in all Western countries in response to the refugees crisis. These parties have chosen in recent years to distance themselves from antisemitic perceptions, wether out of real change, or for tactical reasons, however, their racist ideology is a threat to Jewish communities worldwide.

- Our data shows that most antisemitic incidents in Europe are fed by the growing Muslim population in the continent, especially in France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and the countries of Scandinavia. By this, the radical Islam is becoming a central generator of antisemitism in Europe. Despite the traditional antisemitism of the extreme right being still significantly present in many parts of the world.

- However, along with the growing rise of antisemitic incidents, we are also witnessing  the enhancement of the struggle against this phenomenon. Awareness of the need to combat antisemitism
has grown in most Western countries and was reflected also in legislation and law enforcement.

Source: CFCA