September 26, 2019

Antisemitism in Berlin on the first half of 2019

Antisemitism in Berlin remains at worrying level. Every day, the research and information center of antisemitism Berlin (Dias Berlin) is found on the average of over two antisemitic incidents, as shown in the antisemitic incidents published today in January-June 2019

In the first half of 2019, Berlin recorded a total of 404 Antisemitic incidents. This did not continue the strong increase in last year. Nevertheless, the number of cases with particular risk potential remains high: 13 attacks and 20 threats, more than about 13 or 2017. Threats, more than about 2016 or 2017. 

A total of 110 individuals were affected by attacks, threats, targeted damage to private property, as well as verbal and written forms of hurtful behavior. In January, in the middle of a woman who spoke Hebrew on the bus on the phone, a man was pulled out of his head so violently that the person concerned almost fell off her seat. In May, another woman, who also spoke in Hebrew, was insulted in the subway as " Yahud " and " baby killer In June, a gasp-carrying man and his mother were scolded and spit as " Yahudi

In particular, in the case of online incidents, there was a significant decrease of 40 %. The number of incidents from face to face and in the public area (224) fell to the level of 2017 (221; 2018). : 280). While in almost all political spectra, Berlin recorded a constant high number of antisemitic incidents of the right (120).