Paris police ban show by Dieudonne

"Students of the UEJF and SOS racism, joined by passers-by chanted Thursday evening slogans denouncing the racism and antisemitism of Dieudonné during the first performance of the evening," said a statement released Friday by the Union of Jewish students from France.
An important police device was mobilized and the police headquarters finally asked Dieudonné to cancel the second performance of his show scheduled late Thursday evening Porte Maillot.
According to the statement, Dieudonné has been performing for several weeks in the French capital several times a week, in a bus arranged for this purpose for his show entitled "Vests Yellow".
"While antisemitism has increased 74% in France in 2018, the UEJF asks the mayors and prefects of France to do everything possible to prevent it from happening.The authorities must act and enforce court decisions ", can read on the release.
"This cancellation is another step in the fight against Dieudonné." In his last show, he claimed that the gas chambers never existed, while inciting hatred.Despite his subterfuges to escape justice, we will continue to fight this fight to defend values ​​violated by a hateful recidivist, "responded Sacha Ghozlan, president of the UEJF.
"After this cancellation, we ask the public authorities to take the necessary measures to prevent all representations of Dieudonné," he added.

Source: i24news