Turkish President Erdogan compares the Holocaust of European Jews to the "massacre" of Israel in Gaza

Ankara - Turkish news agency Anatolia this morning released Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's speech during his meeting with a meeting with Turkish and Muslim citizens in New York.

Among Erdogan's remarks: "When we look at the Nazi genocide against Jews, we look at the massacre in the Gaza Strip from the same perspective."

Erdogan also addressed the issue of Jerusalem, saying: "That no force or threat can dissuade his country from defending and protecting the rights of Palestine and Jerusalem,
The Jerusalem issue does not only concern Muslims in Palestine, but is the honor of 1.7 billion in the Islamic world. "

He also said that "we were not deterred by the threat of protecting Palestine and Jerusalem, our first kiss"

Erdogan reiterated that the issue of Jerusalem is a red line for his country, and that Turkey believes that the protection of Jerusalem is a defense of human values, justice and peace.

Ironically, Erdogan, the leader of the Turkish people, still refuses to recognize the Holocaust of the Armenian people, who were slaughtered by similar methods to the massacre the Jews underwent during the Holocaust (death marches, massacres and mass deportation).

Erdogan even threatens countries that dare to acknowledge the Turkish massacre by the Turks, severing relations and boycotts. The same Erdogan is preaching to the State of Israel that seeks to protect itself from Hamas aggression and compares this protection to Nazi acts.

Source: news1