Antisemitic and anti-migrant tags discovered on the walls of the Forstheim town hall

Forstheim (Bas-Rhin)Antisemitic and racist tags were discovered this Monday, October 7 on the facade of the town hall of Forstheim (Bas-Rhin).

According to Mayor William Peter, the act took place in the night from Sunday to Monday. At around 8am this morning, a communal worker, followed by the third deputy and the town hall secretary, discovered red capital letters around the front door.

On the entire height of the wall of the entrance, gendarmes found two antisemitic tags: "ALL MIGRANTS IN ISRAEL" ("TOUS LES MIGRANTS EN ISRAEL") and "STOP THE JEWISH GUARDIANSHIP IN ALSACE / 2019 YEAR RECOR" ("STOP À LA TUTELLE JUIVE EN ALSACE / 2019 ANNÉE RECOR")

The last tag, also in red capital letters, refers to the migrants: "REFERENDUM ON THE COMING OF THE MIGRANTS" ("REFERUNDUM SUR LA VENUE DES MIGRANTS") (the spelling of the tags has not been modified).

Source: france3