Fireworks bomb explodes at Jewish family home at Hippolytushoef

Source: nhnieuws
Hippolytushoef - During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a heavy fireworks bomb exploded with a Jewish family in the village of Hippolytushoef. The family's mother tells NH News that this is a targeted action and that this is not the first time.

"My son woke me up," says Odile Schmidt. "The mailbox turned out to be a breeze, we just wanted to go back upstairs when there was a big bang in the kitchen, the window was blown up, even shards were ten yards away, and I thought, it was time again."

The woman has been living in Hippolytushoef for twenty years with her husband and five children. She says she was molested dozens of times during this time. "We had a tree trunk through the window and also an ice block, people passing by, calling 'cancer Jews', swastikas in the snow in front of our house, that's anti-Semitism."

There have been eight incidents in the last three years. The police informed NH News to investigate the matter. Nobody was ever arrested for the incidents, and even now there are no suspects in the picture.