October 16, 2019

German politician says hall shooting caused 'only property damage'

Roland Ulbrich
Roland Ulbrich
Leipzig German politician Roland Ulbrich, a member of the right wing Alternative for Germany (AfD), took to social media on Tuesday to belittle the shooting attack on a Jewish synagogue in Halle during Yom Kippur. The house of prayer contained 51 people, the 27-year-old shooter Stephan Balliet intended to kill them all but failed to do so thanks to security measures taken by the community.

He murdered two people who were outside the synagogue before he was arrested by German security services.

Writing on social media, Ulbrich said that the shooting only caused “property damage” and that “it wasn’t even an attempted murder in the synagogue,” Mako reported.

“What’s worse?” He asked, “that a door was damaged or that two Germans were killed?”

His remarks caused an uproar in Germany, with some users saying he hinted that “Germans” and “Jews” are two separate things and that he is attempting to “minimize” the shooting.

Source: jpost