October 07, 2019

“Let’s get a hold of them...I have a gun” say youths as they assault Jews in Stamford Hill

Stamford Hill, LondonPolice and Stamford Hill Shomrim, a Jewish volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol, are investigating verbal and physical assault against multiple Jews in the Stamford Hill area.
The incidents, which took place around Ilan Square during the Jewish Sabbath on 5th October, involved several youths, reportedly aged between 10-15 years old, on bicycles, harassing passersby on the pathway near the swings, shouting “let’s get a hold of them; Jews control everything” and “I have a gun”, while physically assaulting the Jewish passersby with their bicycles.
One witness added that the youths yelled: “Stop! Where are you from? Where are you from?” in an effort to cause an altercation.
Responding to the incident, the Mayor of Hackney tweeted: “Glad this is being investigated, disgusted to hear this has happened.”
Source: CAA