Man wears baseball cap with swastika drawn on in White Plains diner

White Plains, NYA man wearing a baseball cap with a swastika pasted onto it was escorted from City Limits Diner by White Plains Police on Friday afternoon.

The man was sitting down and eating, the swastika drawn onto a white kippah that was on top of the baseball cap, fully visible to anyone entering the room, according to customers at the diner. Customers disturbed by the situation left the diner.
On Saturday afternoon White Plains Commissioner of Public Safety David Chong commented to Examiner Media on Friday’s incident.
“Unfortunately as offensive as his display was, he did not threaten anyone and just sat down to eat,” Chong said. “The other customers were upset and the owner didn’t want to serve him. We checked his credentials and ran his name through all the intelligence systems. He had no priors and since the property was his own, as offensive as it was, it did not meet the level of a crime. He claimed that it was his constitutional right to free speech and expression and he is correct. After we escorted him out, we forwarded his information to the State Terrorism center.”
Later, when interviewed by News12, one couple that had been in the restaurant at the time acknowledged the offender was probably within his First Amendment rights, “but to be that blatant and display that kind of hate in a public place had to be called out.”
The Livanos family, which owns the restaurant, posted a message on Twitter.
“There was an incident today where an individual came into our restaurant, City Limits Diner, and made many of our customers and staff very uncomfortable,” the message said. “We responded to the situation by calling the police. We followed instructions to await their arrival so as to avoid a confrontation and for everyone’s safety. When the police arrived, the individual was escorted from the restaurant per our instructions.”
“We are deeply troubled by this incident,” the message also said. “We value our relationships with our entire community. As a company, we never tolerate any forms of discrimination in our businesses. We extend our sincerest apologies to anyone that was offended by this incident.”
Source: News 12