Mayor of Geispolsheim home targeted by anti-migrant and antisemitic tags

Geispolsheim Anti-migrant and antisemitic tags were found this Thursday morning on the walls of mayor of Geispolsheim, Sebastien Zaegel private home . More tags were found on his neighbor home and on two vehicles also.

S├ębastien Zaegel has been mayor of Geispolsheim for 25 years, county councilor and vice-president of the Eurom├ętropole de Strasbourg. "What disturbs me is that I have never taken a position on this kind of subject (migrants, ed.) It is terrible. I have been in the city council for 42 years. to hang up in the month of March. This happens to me like that at the end of the course, it really hurts, " he tells the microphone of France Bleu Alsace.