Muslims threaten pro-Israel campus activist at York University

Source: israelunwired
Toronto, ON - Lauren Isaacs is a pro-Israel campus activist. She is not afraid to stand up for the truth and defend Israel. But that does not make it any less frightening when Muslims attack her for being a Zionist. Supporting the state of Israel means supporting democracy and freedom. And anyone who fights against that – well, they are fighting against Western values.

Having a platform for dialogue to educate others about your beliefs in a non-violent way does not deserve violence. The fact that campus security needed to come to protect pro-Israel activists is a sad reality. College campuses have become a hotbed for antisemitism.

Lauren and her organization tried to educate others about Zionism. But violent Muslims came to spread hate.

As Lauren said, “I was attempting to educate about Zionism. Since it is the Jewish self-determination movement of the Jewish people, and myself and everyone in our organization are proud Zionists, that’s exactly what we were doing. And we were having success until these hateful, close-minded, Antisemitic people showed up. And no, they were not against the Israeli government. They were simply against Israel existing or a Jewish state existing. They said as much in plain English. And all day they celebrated Hamas, called for intifada (that’s a violent uprising), and hurled antisemitic rhetoric like Jews controlling the world, Holocaust collaboration, etc. You should come by next time and see the Jew-hatred for yourself. The only people trying to say that they aren’t against Jews, only Zionists, are people like you… who weren’t there.”

This is the type of antisemitism that Jews and pro-Israel activists experience on campus. This is the type of hate that we must eradicate from our world!