NYPD Hate Crimes report, Second Quarter 2019

The spike in hate crimes against Jews in NYC is real, and the NYPD has the numbers to back it up.
The numbers which cover January through September of 2019 show that hate crimes are up overall for a total of 311, compared to 250 at the same point last year.
Of those, 163 crimes (52%) were targeting Jews, compared to 108 in 2018, Deputy Inspector Mark Molinari, head of the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force told the assembled at a gathering of donors to the UJA-Federation of New York on Thursday.
“I would love if one person in New York City committed all of my 311 hate crimes and I could lock up one person and make it go away,” Molinari said, according to a JTA report. “For the most part I’m dealing with 311 random individuals of very diverse backgrounds committing these hate crimes against different people.”
Molinari was also honest about the fact that the antisemitism in New York appears unrelated to extremist groups like the KKK and other far-right entities that are involved in anti-Jewish activity elsewhere in the country.
“The national narrative is not the narrative we see here in New York City,” Molinari said, per the JTA. “There aren’t roving bands of white supremacists, from khakis and tiki torches to hood-wearing people . . Political ideology, religious ideology, we do not see that happen here in New York.”
Molinari did say however that hate crimes were down in September compared to last year, and in contrast to the rise in previous months.
He also broke down the types of crimes committed, saying 87% were criminal mischief like vandalism and 13% were assaults. Screaming offensive things doesn’t count as a crime at all.

Source: www1.nyc.gov