RIAS records 96 antisemitic incidents in six months

96 incidents have become known to the Research and Information Center Antisemitism Bavaria (RIAS Bayern) since its inception. "We assume a much larger number of unreported cases. The anti-Semitic thought patterns of the assassin of Halle can be found in many of the recorded incidents. It is only the question of how far this thinking is put into practice, "warns Annette Seidel-Arpac─▒, head of RIAS Bayern.

The assassin of Halle denies, among other things, the Holocaust. Also RIAS have become known 40 incidents in which the defense of the Shoah plays a role. The assassin blames Jews for all evil in the world. RIAS Bayern registered this element of antisemitism in 14 cases. However, a clear political background can not be determined in many cases. 17 incidents were recorded with the background "right", six with the background "left". According to RIAS Bayern, over 40 percent of incidents are below the threshold for criminal liability. "That's no reason to be relieved. Because this number also shows how far antisemitism is anchored in everyday life, in the majority society, "says Seidel-Arpac─▒.

Source: bjr