October 24, 2019

Ex-Scottish Labour chairman says he won’t vote Labour until antisemitism in the party ‘is sorted’

Source: thejc
The former chairman of Scottish Labour has said he will not vote for the party until its “antisemitism problem is sorted.”
Jamie Glackin, who was chairman from 2014 to 2017, said on Twitter: “I’m a Labour man. Everybody knows that. But I won’t be voting Labour again until the antisemitism problem is sorted. And if that gets me purged then I can live with that.”
The announcement comes as a Scottish Labour candidate for the Dundee West constituency submitted a motion that called for the “immediate” return of Chris Williamson to the party.
Jim Malone submitted the motion at a meeting of the Dundee Labour party on September 5, which was passed with 17 votes for and 3 against.
Meanwhile, two Scottish Labour councillors who had been suspended over claims of antisemitism have since been reinstated.
A spokesman for Scottish Labour told the Times it would be inappropriate to comment on the “live disciplinary case” involving Mr Williamson.