October 15, 2019

Number of antisemitic hate crimes in UK doubles in just a single year

There has been a 10% rise in hate crimes recorded by police in England and Wales.

There were 103,379 offences in 2018-19 - a record number - according to Home Office figures.

Transgender hate crime went up 37%, while for offences motivated by sexual orientation the rise was 25%, by disability 14% and by religion 3%.

Race hate crimes accounted for around three-quarters of offences (78,991) and rose by 11% on the previous year.

Over half (54%) of the hate crimes recorded by the police were for public order offences and a further third (36%) were for violence against the person offences.

Five per cent were recorded as criminal damage and arson offences.

Hate crime is defined as an offence which the victim or any other person considers to be driven by hostility towards their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity.

It can include verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, harassment, assault and bullying, as well as damage to property.

The Home Office said the large percentage increases for transgender, disability and sexual orientation hate crimes were "partly due to the smaller number of these crimes".

The department said increases may also be because of improvements made by police in their identification and recording of these offences and more people coming forward to report them.

However, it added "genuine increases cannot be ruled out".

Source: BBC