October 16, 2019

UCF investigating possible antisemitic vandalism

Orlando, FL - Police at the University of Central Florida said on Tuesday that their agency is investigating what appears to be antisemitic vandalism.

Someone posted a photo onto social media, showing the marking on a sign that reads it's the "Future Home of Chabad at UCF."

The pictured appears to show stickers and flyers attached to the sign, including swastikas in place of vowels used to spell out the words in the message.

"It's weird how we are in 2019 and this is still a thing," said student Sierra Thompson. "There's some people who just love to, it's stupid to say it, but love to hate, and sometimes the hate is just ignorance and sometimes there's, like, a reason behind it, and usually it's, like, trauma."

Several students reacted on Tuesday, adding that the vandalism doesn't represent the views and thoughts of the UCF community.

"I think it's awful. I don't know what type of human being would think that's funny or a prank," said student Landon White.

The website that was listed by the suspected vandal(s) featured pro-Nazi videos and described the group as a place for "National Socialists" to meet and share ideas. The website does state that their group does not condone acts of violence.

"I see it as really in appropriate and also disrespectful for people that you know are from a Jewish community," said student Daniel Kassis.

It's unclear if these messages were posted anywhere else on campus.

News 6 emailed the website that was posted, but has not heard back as of yet.

Source: clickorlando