November 21, 2019

A client of Sberbank received a password with the words "Kill the Jews."

Source: tvrain
A client of Sberbank received an SMS offering to take out a loan with a password, which in English means “Cry, kill the Jews”. The bank explained that the code was generated automatically.

Facebook user Alexander Shishov posted on his page a screenshot of a message from Sberbank in which he was asked to take a loan. "Submit an application at the bank office - the password is CRYVKILLJEWS," the SMS says.

Vanukla user posted another SMS screenshot on Pikabu, but the password in the message was different - “Cry, kill.”

Initially, Sberbank reported that the password was edited in the screenshot. “So someone clearly wants to set us up,” the bank representative tweeted.
However, later Sberbank admitted a mistake: “I'm sorry that we did not believe you. This is really not a photoshop. They themselves are surprised, but this situation is pure coincidence. Our code generator didn’t want to offend anyone. ”
Addition. The press service of Sberbank told Rain, this code "is a set of random characters." “Every year we generate about 13 billion passwords, the mechanism for generating such a large number of unique combinations of characters is carried out automatically by the system and does not involve employee participation. We apologize and will soon reconsider the process of generating a participant code, ”the bank said.