Al-Jazeera claims Jews created, control porn industry, hate Jesus Christ

Source: MEMRI
Doha - Midan Voice, an Al-Jazeera audio channel directed at youth, discussed Jewish control of the porn industry in their latest video, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The video claims that in 2016, the Knesset passed a bill to remove porn websites throughout the country because they harm children, which raises the question: "How come the Jews ban pornography in their own country when they were the first to expand porn and invest in it to begin with?"

Midan Voice explained that whenever someone tried to present "the facts about the role of the Jews in porn," they were shut down with antisemitism as the excuse.

"The inventor of the sex phone lines was Gloria Leonard, who, throughout her porn journey, would present herself as a good Jewish girl from a New York neighborhood," the video claimed.

It then further explained that Jews controlled Playboy magazine since its inception.

The video then proceeded to list famous porn stars in history who were Jewish, including "American Jew Ron Jeremy, who is known as the 'porn legend'" and "Steven Hirsch, a 57-year-old Jew," who is known as the "Donald Trump of porn."

The video further claimed that porn was created as a means to "pollute" Christian culture. "When [Jewish porn producer Al Goldstein] was asked why the Jews dominate the porn industry, he said clearly: 'The only reason that the Jews play a role in the porn industry is that we hate Christ.'"