November 16, 2019

Antisemitic riots at game in the national cup

Source: time24

Marienfelde, Berlin - Antisemitic slogans, kicks against the head, Hertha jacket: At a football match in Marienfelde on Friday evening fans of the team Tennis Borussia Berlin were called antisemitic and attacked after the game. An eyewitness watched Hertha fans among the attackers.

According to witnesses, fans of the team FC star Marienfelde have reviled antisemitic supporters of tennis Borussia Berlin during the Berlin Landespokal game and beaten a man after the game. This is reported by the police.

Sören Kohlhuber was present as a fan at the game: "During the game I did not notice," he told the Tagesspiegel. "I saw blue smoke, which surprised me," he said. Blue is the color of Hertha BSC. Kohlhuber did not observe aggression between the fan blocks during the game.
After the game, "a crowd of at least 20 people" stood in front of the entrance to the sports field. "They have mobbed the passers-by and called sexist things," said Kohlhuber. The situation escalated. Kohlhuber had been hit by a hand in the face before he made his way to the bus.
On the way to the bus stop, attackers would have traced him and his companions. "The most aggressive person wore a Hertha emblem jacket," Kohlhuber said. He had not seen more, most of them wore black clothes. "Two or three brought me to the ground." Others had told him that a glass bottle hit Kohlhuber's head. Afterwards, two to four kicks would have hit him at head height. When a woman intervened, the perpetrators would have let him go.

Arrived at the bus stop, Kohlhuber saw how attackers tried to get into the bus. They prevented the bus from starting. He had two hematomas on his head and swelling on his ankle.

The police report that a stranger has injured another man at the bus stop with a branch on his face. The man who was injured had tried to calm the attackers. A 36-year-old woman on the bus suffered a shock. She was treated by a paramedic.

The attackers fled before the police arrived. Now determines the police state security at the State Office of Criminal Investigation because of serious breach of the peace.

Tennis Borussia had lost the first knockout round 1: 3 and was thus eliminated from the Landespokal. The club wished the injured party a speedy recovery. Tennis Borussia is a senior league player. The association actively promotes tolerance and cosmopolitanism. On football pitches in Germany there are always antisemitic and racist incidents.