November 23, 2019

Attacked again – just another day researching antisemitism


London David Collier‎, an independent Jewish journalist who researches antisemitism, went to report on an anti-Israel demonstration at KCL (King's College London).

He was attacked and they tried to take my camera. Other Jewish activists present also faced violence and abuse.

Here is the description of the event as posted on its website:

"Yesterday I was physically attacked at an anti-Israel protest at Kings College London. I emerged relatively unscathed, but a demonstrator clearly intended to deprive me of my camera. He rushed at me and tried to grab it and run. The force of the attack had left me with slight friction burns on my hands and a broken tripod. Just a few minutes earlier, another demonstrator had attacked pro-Israeli activist Harry Markham from behind, trying to take his Israeli flag. He was also unhurt, but his flagpole was destroyed."