Dieudonne fined 9,000 euros for a song deemed antisemitic

Source: agoravox
Dieudonne was sentenced on Wednesday to 9,000 euros fine that can be converted into imprisonment in case of non-payment, for complicity of anti-Semitic insult, after the publication of a video and a song entitled "C'est mon choaaa.​​"

The song, which was published in June 2017 on YouTube, Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music, includes the following words: "I'm hot in the face in front of the barbecue. If the merguez are kosher, I may have the rope around my neck. "

The criminal court sentenced the polemist to 90 days-fine to 100 euros each, a total of 9,000 euros fine that can earn him days of imprisonment if he does not pay them.

The lawsuits against his companion Noemie Montagne, owner of the accounts on which the song and video were published, according to the digital platforms, were however declared null due to defects of form.

At the hearing, on 25 September, the public prosecutor's office had required ten months of imprisonment against M'Bala M'Bala and a 20,000 euro fine against Noemie Montagne.

The 53-year-old polemicist had denied being the singer and the author of this song, written by him in prison as part of a "potache song workshop".

Dieudonne was also tried for unlawful appeal to donations, having published a message in the beginning of the video calling to share "en masse (…) to allow him to pay his fine" in the context of his conviction for his song " Shoah girls.

The court relaxed on this point, saying that "inciting a public to watch a video in order to collect income can not be analyzed (…) as a public subscription".

Accustomed to the courts, Dieudonne was repeatedly sentenced for his anti-Semitic outings, which, according to the judges, testifies to his "propensity to reiterate hate speech".

He will also have to pay several thousand euros in damages or court costs to seven antiracist civil parties.

The controversial lawyer's lawyer, Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, told AFP that she will appeal a decision "not in line" with the accepted scope of freedom of expression.