November 29, 2019

"I know you are a Jew. The Holocaust was invented by you to dominate the world »

Roberto Matatia
Faenza - It happened at November 26th, at the Sarti cinema in Faenza.

Roberto Matatia, a well-known local writer of Jewish origin who was very active in witnessing and raising awareness of the Holocaust drama, was involved in an unpleasant episode while he was in the room with his family. Matatia was waiting for the beginning of the screening when he caught the words of the conversation that some people were holding behind him: "I broke my balls of this Shoah etc etc, a memory piloted by the Jews!" on his Facebook page. To which the writer reacted indignantly at the words he heard: "I turn and tell him to vergogof what he is saying: "But do you know that I am a Jew, and that my family was massacred in Auschwitz?" However, the answer he gets is anything but an excuse: "I know you are a Jew. The Holocaust was invented by the Jews to dominate the world. Find out more ».

The episode, as Matatia himself implies, is not the first to have happened to him; it is accompanied by threats, not too veiled, received via messanger by people unknown to him.

Reached by telephone, the writer from Faenza expressed his feelings about the anti-Semitic thought that, unfortunately, more than eighty years after the enactment of the racial laws in Italy, it is far from being crossed: "The contempt with which the person is he spoke - reveals Matatia - What I can say is that I am very bitter, because I wonder then what sense all the commitment I put into talking about the Holocaust and the history of my family. There is so much bitterness and so much anger ».