November 04, 2019

Investigations against 14-year-old students that hear and sang antisemitic songs

Source: ffh 
Grünberg - Pupils from Grünberg (Giessen district) played and sung antisemitic songs loudly on a school trip after visiting the Buchenwald concentration camp memorial. Police are now investigating the 14-year-old on suspicion of sedition. 

The school responded immediately: There are discussions with the 14-year-old students and their parents, said the headmaster to HIT RADIO FFH. The school is considering discussing the incident at a parent's home. 

According to information from the district of Giessen, the pupils had visited the memorial site of Buchenwald concentration camp with their class. On the return journey on the bus they played the songs on the mobile phone. The incident happened in mid-October and now the school administration has filed a complaint.