November 10, 2019

Neo-Nazi flyer promoting genocide reportedly found on UNF campus

Source: unfspinnaker

Jacksonville, FL - UNF has seen its fair share of hate groups on campus in the past and now reports and tips received by Spinnaker seem to point towards a well known hate group trying to make its presence known on campus: neo-Nazis.

Similar to Nazis, neo-Nazis are any post WWII movements working to resurrect Nazi ideology. According to multiple students, there has allegedly been an alarming neo-Nazi presence on campus in the form of promotional posters making inflammatory statements such as “Its Okay To Genocide Subhumans” and “The Struggle Never Ends. Join The F.K.D.” The F.K.D., meaning Feuerkrieg Division, “calls for violence against their perceived enemies” and destruction of “the system,” or society at large, which they believe is controlled by the Jews.

One student who requested to remain anonymous took a picture of the poster and posted it to Reddit, where it was shared online with other students. According to the student, they reported the poster to UPD. However, no police report was filed.

When Spinnaker reached out to the University, they released this statement: 

“The UPD was recently made aware of at least one neo-Nazi flyer reported on the UNF campus. Efforts by UPD personnel to locate the flyer were unsuccessful.”