Police preparing file for PPS after filmmaker subjected to antisemitic comments in Derry

Source: Derry daily
Police have confirmed that they are preparing a file for the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) after a filmmaker was subjected to a number of antisemitic comments in a Londonderry bar earlier this year.
Theater director, playwright, author and journalist, Tuvia Tenenbom was in Northern Ireland in April to film a new documentary when he visited a bar in Derry's Bogside area to asks locals why there are so many Palestinian flags flying in the area.
Some drinkers that respond say they "hate Jews" describing Israelis as "child murdering scum" and they were the "scourge of the Earth".
One of the group shouted: "The only thing Hitler did wrong was he didn't kill enough fucking Jews."
A video of the incident was widely condemned.
On Wednesday East Londonderry General Election candidate Gregory Campbell called on police to detail what action they are taking over the incident.
The DUP veteran said that he had been told by police that they had "reopened the investigation".
A PSNI spokesperson has confirmed to the Belfast Telegraph that they carried out a number of enquiries in relation to the incident.
"A file will be prepared and submitted to the PPS in relation to the matter," the spokesperson said.
Mr Campbell said that "antisemitism cannot be allowed to foster in any area".

"Londonderry is booming with visitors, the City must not be linked to such atrocious comments being made to international journalists," the former Derry councillor said.
"Given the length of time which has now elapsed since the incident, which caused widespread revulsion at the time it was broadcast, it is important that we know what actions the Police have taken since.
"As a result of the grossly offensive comments contained in the broadcast it is imperative that these incidents aren’t overlooked."
Mr Campbell said that it was important that "action is not just taken, but seen to be taken, by wider society".
Following his visit to Derry Mr Tenenbom said he had "never seen so much hatred for Jews".
"I have dealt with this type of antisemitism before... I have met with many people who are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause," the 62-year-old said.
The DUP's Gregory Campbell33
The DUP's Gregory Campbell
"I don't think I ever have met people who have so much hatred for the Jews as I met in Northern Ireland and Ireland and that includes Derry.
"I have never seen people so hated of Jews. There are antisemites in Germany, there are antisemites all over the world. This kind of hatred that I found - and Derry is a small place. I have never seen so much."
Recording: Tuvia Tenenbom33
Recording: Tuvia Tenenbom