Poster advertising by Holocaust deniers in the streets of Warsaw

Source: Maja Heban
Warsaw - The street poster you see is advertising some sort of cyclical event by Holocaust Deniers. It reads: 

''You learned about the made-up version of the HOLOCAUST. Now learn the truth!''

Then on the map of Poland, three lecturers invite you to a panel event, called ''Jedwabne Revisited'' ( a town in Eastern Poland where during WWII local Polish town folks organised a massacre of their Jewish neigbours, killing and burning alive the entire Jewish population). Note a drawing underneath the map depicting a man grabbing a stack of money.

Lower down under the map, it reads: '' Big politics and international finance sector (sponsoring) THE HOLOCAUST BUSINESS.'' (Referring to the infamous book by Norman G.Finkelstein The Holocaust Industry). 

And further: '' OPENING DAY 25th of November, 17:30 / Devajtis (Street) nr 3/ Warsaw.''

This event is organised or sponsored by State-funded Stefan Wyszynski (Catholic) University.