November 21, 2019

Right-wing extremists provoke in Moringen concentration camp memorial

Source: nwzonline

Moringen - neo-Nazis, on a tour of the Moringen concentration camp memorial, have downplayed the conditions of detention in the city's former concentration camps and discredited the credibility of the prisoners. In hindsight, it turned out that the visitors were "proven and well-known actors of far-right groups in the region".

"They questioned the validity of historical documents to portray certain facts as manipulable," the memorial statement says. "In addition, they compared their own experiences of detention with the accounts of the former detainees, with the unequivocal aim of playing down the concentration camp." The staff of the memorial then broke off the leadership.

Afterwards, the group posed in front of the memorial with the gesture of the upward-pointing thumb, it said. The jackets opened for the photo would have revealed the look on T-shirts with the lettering "Zensiert!" Written in Gothic script as well as the inscription "Fuck you Israel" and a crossed out star of David. In the town of Moringen in the district of Northeim, the National Socialists had ever set up a concentration camp for men, women and young men.