San Juan students spread an antisemitic "parody" video

San Juan - Students in a history class made a music video portraying singing Nazis in a parody music video at a private secondary school in Argentina.

The pupils' music video shows them dressed as Nazis with swastikas displayed on their arms, humiliating other students dressed as Jews and homosexuals.

The parody video has spread across social media, modifying the lyrics from the popular song "Barbie Girl" by Aqua to “I’m a Nazi girl in a Nazi world.”

In the video, the students make gestures to an oven, and chant lines like "Come on Jews, let's go (to the) camp," and "Come on Joseph, let's make soap."

A representative of the national Jewish political umbrella DAIA will meet with officials from the Education Ministry of San Juan province, according to The Times of Israel.

The school released a statement on Saturday expressing, “apologies to the representative of the Sociedad Israelita de San Juan,” the local JCC, and other groups targeted by the video, including blacks and homosexuals. 

The teacher was sanctioned and fired from the school, according to Argentine media reports.