Six months suspended with Alain Soral for a "quenelle"

Source: ouest-france
The prosecutor's office in Colmar on Thursday demanded six months suspended prison sentence against the right-wing essayist Alain Soral for having posted on the Internet a photo of him performing a "quenelle" gesture equated to a sort of Nazi salute disguised.
The court reserved its decision on January 10.
The "quenelle" is an "anti-Semitic" gesture in connection with the "contempt" of the Jewish community, said the prosecutor of the Republic of Colmar, Catherine Sorita-Minard, who, in addition to this sentence with a set to trial, required the compensation of the civil parties (SOS Racisme, the Licra of Haut-Rhin and the Jewish Consistory Department).
She also asked for the publication of the judgment in the press.
Already convicted multiple times, Mr. Soral, absent at the hearing, "is in a state of recidivism" and "incites hatred of the other" by broadcasting on the internet his "deliberate, shocking and provocative" gesture, pointed the magistrate.
His real name Alain Bonnet, Alain Soral was prosecuted for "insult" and "public incitement to hatred or violence because of origin, ethnicity, nation, race or religion."
He posted on his Twitter account and on his website "Equality and Reconciliation" a cliché, taken May 5, showing him doing a "quenelle" on the steps of the court of Colmar.
The "quenelle" is a gesture popularized by the polemicist Dieudonné, condemned several times for anti-Semitic statements.