November 08, 2019

New Jersey cites school district over antisemitic harassment of girl

Source: cbslocal
Trenton, NJ - The state Attorney General’s office says a school district failed to sufficiently address antisemitic harassment of a Jewish student. The office on Thursday announced the finding against the Monmouth County Vocational School District.

A parent had alleged last year that her daughter was subjected to unlawful discrimination at the district-run Marine Academy of Science and Technology high school at Sandy Hook.

Among the incidents cited was one in which two male students wrote an antisemitic comment in large letters in the sand at a school-sponsored event.
The phrase “I H8 JEWS” photographed in the sand.
The school disciplined the two students. But state officials say it apparently failed to take any broader actions to discern the extent of antisemitic behavior at the school or address the reported concerns.

A message left for school officials on Thursday was not returned.