November 20, 2019

Unionist’s antisemitic slur towards Josh Frydenberg

Source: The Australian
Solomon SA - A former federal Labor MP turned Northern Territory union heavyweight is under fire over antisemitic comments he made in relation to Josh Frydenberg during an interview with Darwin radio station Mix FM.

Damian Hale, a one-time Solomon MP and recently resigned Australian Workers Union NT organised tied the Treasurer’s handling of the budget to his Jewish identity.

“I think the Treasurer is, you know, tight with the finances of the country and if you’re ever going to have someone in charge of Treasury, probably a Jewish guy would be a good person to have,” Mr Hale said.

“Be like having a Scotsman at the football club as your treasurer. That’s fine, keep an eye on your money.”

Victorian Liberal senator James Paterson demanded Labor expel Mr Hale and linked the comments to the ongoing saga of UK Labour’s alleged issue with antisemitism.

“The last thing our country needs is for the Australian Labor Party to follow UK Labour into the swamp of antisemitism,” he said. “Anthony Albanese must take action to expel Damian Hale and reassure our Jewish community there is zero tolerance for this bigotry.”