November 20, 2019

White supremacist manifesto allegedly AirDropped to students, DPS says

Source: dailyorange

Syracuse, NY A white supremacist manifesto was allegedly AirDropped to students’ cellphones at Bird Library, the Department of Public Safety announced in a campus-wide email at 4:12 a.m. A link to the document was also posted in a forum at 10:34 p.m.

There is no specific threat to Syracuse University, DPS said in the email. The department is currently investigating the reports and has notified the Syracuse Police Department, New York State Police and the FBI. The manifesto posted online and allegedly AirDropped is a 74-page document written by the perpetrator of the March Christchurch mosque shootings, and includes neo-Nazi symbols and anti-immigrant sentiments.

The incident at Bird Library occurred around 1 a.m., multiple students at the library said. According to the email, no individual has reported to DPS that they received the document directly. AirDrop is an Apple service that allows iPhone and Mac users to send files over bluetooth and wifi. 

Students hovered around the check-in monitor at Bird Library after 1 a.m. asking questions to a DPS officer. The officer told several students to not walk home alone and said the incident is being investigated by DPS.

Since Nov. 7, there have been 11 reported hate crimes around SU targeting black, Asian and Jewish people. #NotAgainSU protesters are conducting a sit-in at the Barnes Center at The Arch with a list of demands for the university.

Protesters in the Barnes Center were told about the incident in an announcement by a student, a protester told the D.O. Several students asked a DPS officer about the Bird Library incident, and the officer said it was being investigated, the protester said. At 2 a.m., two DPS cars were parked outside the front of the center.