November 18, 2019

Yobs spat antisemitic abuse at Jewish man in kebab shop... they picked on the wrong person

Source: Manchester evening news

Manchester - Two men hurled antisemitic abuse at a Jewish man while he waited for food at a takeaway.

Marlon Solomon, 40, said the men started to talk to him with 'unfriendly banter' at Al-Faisal, in the Northern Quarter.

He said it quickly began to get more heated when the conversation turned racist and one man reportedly asked: "Are you a fucking Jew?"

Marlon, of Whalley Range, responded 'I am a fucking Jew', which he said sparked a torrent of antisemitic abuse from the two men.

He said the men began saying Jewish people should be "wiped out" and denied the Holocaust took place.

Marlon began to film what was being said on his mobile phone and captured the aftermath of the incident. 

In the clip one man can be heard saying: "You know what it's a load of b******s? It is a lie, the Holocaust."

"The Jews would be wiped off the face of the earth," a man is heard saying.
Marlon is heard responding: "There is more decent people in this country that know you are full of s**t.

"This is the best country to live in as a Jew. You are going to try and change that, but you won't because this country is better than that."

Marlon claims the pair gave a fascist salute as they left the takeaway.