A customer went to eat at a restaurant in Brazil with the Nazi bracelet

Source: enlacejudio
Unaí - A guy wearing a bracelet with the Nazi swastika, in the manner of Adolf Hitler's regime officers, was captured inside a bar in Brazil this weekend.

The publication of the photo began to circulate during the early hours of Saturday, according to Brazilian media, which raised controversy in social networks.

The site in question is about the local Booteco Bar and Restaurant, located in the city of Unaí, in the state of Minas Gerais, in southern Brazil.

According to the O Globo site , another local customer called on the authorities to report the presence of the subject with the Nazi bracelet.

The use of the swastika in Brazil, under certain circumstances, is a criminal offense.

A video circulating on social networks captured the moment in which two police officers are near the subject, talking with a local employee, but without going over. The agents leave and the employee ends up engaging in dialogue with the subject.

The authorities of Minas Gerais explained that the agents who made presence in the place did not act against the subject because, according to their perception, the bracelet did not adapt to any of the actions typified by the criminal law, according to O Globo .

The act of “manufacturing, marketing, distributing or disseminating symbols, emblems, ornaments, badges or propaganda that use the swastika or swastika, for the purposes of disseminating Nazism” is punishable by Brazilian law with a sentence of two to five years of prison and fine.

However, the authorities assured that the agents told the diner to remove the bracelet, "to avoid security problems that could arise due to the outrage of other people present."

After the stir, the bar published a statement on Sunday in which it said to repudiate any type of discrimination.

“In Booteco we value life. We do not support discrimination. And any type of violence against any human being restricted by us. What happened yesterday was resolved in the best possible way, by police officers (without violence) and under the auspices of the law, ”said the establishment.