December 25, 2019

Another 22 Jewish gravestones found desecrated in Slovakia, in second such incident this month

Source: WJC

Rajec  - 22 gravestones a Jewish cemetery in the country’s northern town of Rajec had been damaged by unknown vandals, a week after 60 gravestones in the town of Namestovo were found damaged in a similar manner.

The vandalism in Rajec appears to have occurred in mid-December and is currently under investigation by police; it is not yet clear whether there is a connection between the two incidents.
Antisemitic incidents of this nature are extremely rare in Slovakia. The WJC continues to extend its gratitude to the police for treating these incidents with the severity they deserve and hopes that the perpetrators will be found and prosecuted appropriately.

The WJC also underscores the need for all authorities in Slovakia, and across Europe, to make it clear that such expressions of disrespect and hatred will not be tolerated.