December 07, 2019

Antisemitic graffiti at holocaust education center

Glen Cove, NY - For the second time in two weeks, the Holocaust Center on Long Island has been vandalized and this time, it included swastikas.

At the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County, which teaches the horrors of what can happen when hate is left unchecked, a sickening discovery was found outside this week, two spray-painted swastikas.

It wasn’t the first vandalism incident in recent weeks. In late November, a racial slur was scrawled and signs were defaced at the memorial to the million and a half children murdered in the Holocaust.

“We don’t think they understood where they were and what they were doing,” said center chairman Steven Markowitz. “We attributed that to just kids being stupid. This time … swastikas at a Holocaust center is extremely disturbing, hurtful and offensive.”