Antisemitic graffiti found outside AJU campus

Source: jewishjournal
Los Angeles, CA - Antisemitic graffiti was found Tuesday on the Bel Air campus of American Jewish University, at Westwood Charter School and at one other school on the westside of Los Angeles.

Phrases and images were discovered at AJU Tuesday morning by staff, according to Jeffrey Herbst, the university's president. They were painted on the school's sign on Mulholland Drive, as well as across the street on a retaining wall that is also AJU property.

"'Time to pay' was one phrase, and 'Time to do the time' or something close to it [was] in another place," said Herbst. The images "had a mildly satanic vibe."

At Westwood Charter, an elementary school approximately 10 miles south of AJU, paint was spilled that "appeared to form a swastika," according to a message sent to parents and posted on social media: