Antisemitic harassment in NY subway

Midtown Manhattan, New York City, NY - This was published by Yonatan Herzfeld on Facebook

I was just chased off the S train on the subway at Grand Central because I'm visibly Jewish because I wear a kippa. The black man was chasing me, coming at me and drawing a circle referring to my kippa saying "whats that you got on your head". Everyone stood back and did nothing while i was screaming for help. The worst was the lady screaming at me telling me its my fault because I was recording the hate crime. Watch all the videos

Edit: for everyone shaming me for crying after, you should be ashamed of yourself. I kept my composure together during the incident but i cried after once i ran far away. In addition, i do know self defense (krav maga) but since i kept distance, he couldn't put his hands on me and i didnt want to escalate it. I dont know if he had a weapon so i wanted to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Update: i filed a report with the police


Source: Yonatan Herzfeld