Antisemitic incident in Kyiv

Source: Jewish news
Kyiv- in Kyiv, near the railway station, an attack was made on a group of activists who distributed campaign materials in support of the blogger and politician Anatoly Shary. The activist group included a man, Dmitry G., who was identified by the attackers as a Jew.

In addition to being attacked as a member of a group supporting Sharia, the attackers shouted antisemitic insults towards Dmitry G., called the "Jew" and other anti-Semitic insults, and also sprayed several times from a gas spray. The man was wearing a black coat and hat, which looked like a Jewish headdress (kneich). Dmitry also studies the Torah, seeks to accept the giyur, and says that he is a Jew to people who do not know the subtleties of Jewish life.