Antisemitic vandal attack in Crown Casino carpark

Melbourne - A young Jewish man has been targeted by antisemitic vandals at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

The Anti-Defamation Commission, a civil rights organisation fighting antisemitism, has condemned the “outrageous” defacing of a car in the parking area of the casino.

The organisation said two days ago an 18-year old man referred to as Harry, who is Jewish and who wears a yarmulke, was walking through the carpark when he saw a car and immediately took a picture.

The symbols included swastikas and a penis drawn in dust on the vehicle.

Harry said it was not an isolated incident. Last month, he said he was called a “f**kin Jew” by another patron while in the casino, he claimed.

“A few weeks ago I was at the casino waiting in line at the cashier when a middle-aged man approached me and asked me if I would cash a receipt on his behalf the following morning,” he said.

“Considering it is dishonest and unlawful, as well as the fact I was leaving the casino I obviously refused to do so.

“He then made a remark saying, ‘I should of never asked you, because you are a f**king jew’ and said, ‘Jews never help anyone’.

“In utter shock and discomfort I walked away from the cashier, and left the casino immediately.”