December 08, 2019

Antisemitism in Sweden: A long nose has been added to the photo of the Jewish passport

Jewish-Swedish journalist Annika Rothstein went on to renew her ID card at a local police station in Sweden. When she got the documents back, Rothstein was astonished to find that her picture had gone through Photoshop and now has a long nose reminiscent of antisemitic cartoons.

Rothstein claims that antisemitism came because she presented a employment approval from an Israeli newspaper, as well as because of its very "Jewish" name.

Following the tweet, Rothstein received antisemitic comments such as "Jews love to lie to get attention." Rothstein attacked the responders and wrote: “The comments on this is why I waited to say something about this ID. I felt scared & kinda dirty when seeing it, but accepted the ID, went home & put it in a box never to be used. Today I showed it to a non-Jewish friend & he got so upset & sickened that I ended up posting it.”