Disgraced Ken Livingstone appears to blame Jewish people for Jeremy Corbyn's defeat by saying 'the Jewish vote wasn't very helpful'

Source: dailymail
London - Disgraced former London mayor Ken Livingstone last night appeared to blame Jewish people for Labour's defeat, sparking a fresh anti-semitism row.

Mr Livingstone, who left Labour last year over antisemitism, said: ‘The Jewish vote wasn’t very helpful.’

He was forced to quit the party after saying Hitler 'was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews'.

It came as Countdown host Rachel Riley was joined by other members of the Jewish community last night as they shared their relief at Jeremy Corbyn’s poll humiliation.

Earlier in the day Jewish voters described how they felt ‘anxious’ and ‘worried’ after a campaign dominated by the Labour leader’s failure to crack down on anti-Semitism in his party.

But last night they expressed their sheer relief that the electorate had dismissed Mr Corbyn’s brand of anti-Israel extremism. Miss Riley, who has faced a barrage of anti-Semitism from Labour supporters, simply tweeted: ‘Love you Britain.’

Last night Mr Livingstone said ‘it looks like the end’ for his friend Mr Corbyn.

He said: ‘The Jewish vote wasn’t very helpful. Jeremy should have tackled that issue far earlier than he did.

‘It looks like the end for Jeremy, which is disappointing for me since I’m a close ally. I’m sure he’ll have to resign tomorrow.’

While Mr Corbyn was criticised for Labour’s radical election platform, Mr Livingstone said he would have preferred the party to have been even bolder.

‘I thought that perhaps they weren’t radical enough,’ he said. ‘But at the end of the day, the public didn’t like it. I think the idea for a four-day working week wasn’t very popular at all.’