Irish journalist: Zionist ‘monsters’ celebrating UK election result

Source: honest reporting
Irish Times journalist Kitty Holland was the recipient of “Most Bigoted Journalist” in HonestReporting’s 2015 Dishonest Reporting Awards for a Twitter exchange where HonestReporting raised a genuine issue which ended with Holland declaring that she was “Not interacting with Zionists anymore.”

In 2018, she was caught tweeting an old and previously discredited fake news story from a fringe media outlet in order to stir up anti-Israel hate.

So, while it’s shocking, it’s not surprising that this is her response to the results of the UK General Election that saw an overwhelming defeat for the institutionally antisemitic Labour party of Jeremy Corbyn:

If you are going to demonize Jews and Israelis, what better way of doing so than describing them as ‘monsters’?

It’s not hard to discern where Holland is coming from with this tweet, which is a clear antisemitic dog-whistle to those who are blaming UK Jews and / or a Zionist conspiracy for Corbyn’s defeat.

The Irish Times should be ashamed that one of its prominent journalists should be tweeting this atrocious filth.

We’ve sent a complaint to the editor of the Irish Times. This sort of behavior from one of its journalists is unacceptable.

Within minutes of the publication of this post, Kitty Holland deleted her tweet. We’ve made sure to save a screenshot as evidence.

As a result of the exposure and complaints to the Irish Times, including from HonestReporting, Kitty Holland has tweeted a public apology.