December 15, 2019

Italian professor to be disciplined for tweeting Hitler praise

Source: Times of Israel
Siena  Italy’s education minister said a state university professor will be disciplined for Twitter posts defending Hitler.

Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti tweeted University of Siena’s rector informed him that he intended to take unspecified “measures’’ against Professor Emanuele Castrucci.
Castrucci, in a reply on his Twitter feed, wrote: “Hitler, even if certainly no saint, in that moment was defending the entire European civilization.”

Rector Francesco Frati decried the “revisionist and neo-Nazi” posts as “shameful.”
Castrucci’s reply followed his posting a photo of the Nazi dictator flanked by a dog. The professor’s caption read: “They said I’d been a monster to not inform you that I fought against the true monsters that today govern you, dominating the world.”
Castrucci didn’t reply to an emailed request for comment.