December 24, 2019

Jewish man assaulted, hit in head with a chair in Crown Heights

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY - Disturbing footage has been released of a Chassidic Jewish man being assaulted last week by a group of black teens who threw a chair at him and punched him in the head as he walked on Lincoln Place near Albany Avenue in Crown Heights.

The assault of a Chassidic Jewish man by a group of 7 black teens was recorded on surveillance footage which was recently released.
Community activist Yaakov Behrman posted the disturbing video to Twitter, but wrote that the victim does not want to come forward due to his fear of the discovery reform, which may lead to the attacker finding out his identity.

In the video, the group of teens is seen running after the Jewish man, hitting him in the head with a chair. They are then seen chasing him down the block, and one can be seen punching the man in the head.

Source: collive