Jewish man victim of antisemitic verbal attack

Source: collive
Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY A Jewish man was the victim of an antisemitic verbal attack late Monday night as he walked in Crown Heights.

The man was walking with a friend at approximately 2 am, when they observed a group of black youths walking across the street in front of 332 Kingston Avenue acting in a rowdy manner.

One of the black males yelled out antisemitic expletives at the two Jewish men.

The Jewish male then started recording them on his cell phone, when one of the black males crossed the street and threw liquid from a cup, possibly soda, on the Jewish man, police said.

The victim called 911, and has filed a police report. No injuries were reported and a canvass for the males was unsuccessful.

The NYPD has notified Hate Crimes and the incident is being investigated as a possible bias crime.