December 09, 2019

Orthodox Jewish man told “the Nazis will kill you” in Costco

Source: vosizneias

Rockaway Turnpike, Rosedale, NY - An Orthodox Jewish man was verbally assaulted in a Five Towns store Sunday, in what is being described as an antisemitic outburst.

Avrumi F. was shopping in Costco on Rockaway Turnpike, when he was accosted by a most unpleasant individual. The individual, sporting dyed hair and multiple piercings in addition to multiple neck and body tattoos, approached Avrumi in the restroom area and told him “you fucking Jew, the nazis will get you.”

Avrumi followed the man to the main area of the store and began filming. He asked the man to repeat himself. The man first feigned innocence when he saw the camera, saying “you’re probably mistaking me for someone else.” Avrumi responded “Say it to my face.” The man then gets very aggressive, asking if he wants to “take this outside.” When Avrumi kept challenging him to repeat what he said, he finally said “the Nazis will fucking kill you.”

As Avrumi continued filming, the man approached again, saying “whatcha gonna do? Show this to the cops? Fuck the cops!” The man then lunged towards him threatening him. He then said “that’s what I thought,” indicating he was somehow a coward for not fighting him in middle of the store.

The man goes on to threaten him multiple times throughout the incident, including threatening him with gun violence. In the footage below, the man can be heard telling him “I’ll pull out the gun and smack the fuck outta you”.