Theo-Koch school responds with an advertisement

Source: ffh
Ninth graders from Theo Koch School in Grünberg are said to have heard antisemitic songs on a school trip. Now the comprehensive school is responding to the incident in October with a newspaper ad, among other things. 

"Zero tolerance for antisemitism" is written in bold letters above the display. The school wrote that the school was ashamed and shaken - especially because it had been entitled "School without Racism - School with Courage" since 1996. This title can be given to schools whose pupils take action on their own initiative against racism. To date, around 130 schools in Hesse have participated in the project.

There are school measures against the four ninth graders, the Theo-Koch School said. The school management does not want to say which these are, to protect the ninth graders. They are said to have heard the songs loudly on the bus back from the Buchenwald Concentration Camp Memorial in mid-October. The police are investigating them. It is still unclear whether they also sang.