December 08, 2019

USA 2019: "The Last Jew" on decorative pillows

Source: ynet

Tucson, AZ - Arizona American photographer David Lee Guss offers for sale shocking images of Holocaust executions printed on pillows, beach towels, handbags and art posters. The items are sold on an American art website.

Among other things, the photographer offers various items on which the picture "The Last Jew in Vinnitsa" is printed - one of the most famous pictures of the Holocaust, in which the Einzgruppen soldier photographed the last Jew
David Lee Guss
from the city of Vinnitsa, Ukraine, kneeling in front of a Jewish mass grave, moments before he himself was murdered. The photo was found in the album of a German soldier after the war.

For $ 36 you can buy an upscale beach towel (100% cotton) on which the "Jewish mass grave" print from Vinnitsa appears. This printout can also be purchased on posters, pillows, handbags and more.

For similar amounts, Guss offers for sale towels, pillows, bags and posters of a German soldier near the village of Ivangorod, Ukraine, where hundreds of Jews were murdered in February 1942 by SS and Ukrainian policemen, after being concentrated in the ghetto erected in the town of Oleksandrivka.

The poster for the antisemitic propaganda film, "The Eternal Jew," created by the Nazis in 1940 - offers Guss on pillows, towels, posters and more. In the same genre, the American photographer offers to buy Hitler salutes and more. For $ 24, you can purchase pillows with Eichmann and Himmler art prints.

  1. Thanks for posting. We know how to deal with filth like David Lee Guss.
    Justice should be seen nit just heard.

  2. I will see what the Arizona Jewish Historical Society thinks about this...and see what could be done with the little bastard.